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Exquisitely detailed and lovingly handcrafted scale model cars

1935 Rolls Royce scale model Packed for delivery

Balsa Cars are scale replicas carved from the finest balsa wood. I offer customized hand crafted models of your most favorite and loved vehicles - that vintage beauty which has been in your family for generations, that prized possession(s) that turns heads wherever she goes or that car you dream to get your hands on one day. And if you want more - motorbikes, ships, carriages or planes, I can make scale models of them too.

Each scale model is carefully, painstakingly and lovingly handcarved by me with the greatest attention to detail. Each model is made exactly as per your requirements and as such no two models are alike. Each scale model comes with a display case, packed in its own custom packing. Thus in this age of mass production, what you get is a one of a kind collectible.

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You can also e-mail your orders or comments directly at: info@balsacars.com

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